DIY for cats

With all the disruption in the last few months, combined with a new cat, the cats haven’t always been at peace. To try and resolve some of the conflicts, we engaged a cat psychologist, who recommended getting more vertical space for the cats to hang out without feeling threatened.

We now have four new cat trees, and I built three cat windowsills using wood, brackets and old bath mats. I used my router to shape the shelves, and painted them, and they blend in fairly well. There are a couple of floating shelves as stepping stones between high spots, and we plan to install another couple of floating shelves to make it easier to get between some of the high spots.

The deck gate is coming along nicely now – it’s had its first coat of paint, and may well be installed before it gets another – the gate will allow the cats to get on the deck without escaping any further, as long as they don’t jump the 5m from the deck balustrade top rail.

Cookie enjoying the deck

Cookie enjoying the deck


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