Painters gonna paint, paint, paint, paint, paint

In the two months since we last updated the blog with photos of cats, we’ve been making solid progress on the house (not to say we couldn’t have done more, but we could have achieved a lot less!)

Inside, upstairs we’re almost finished. First room to be deemed done was the office, with two purple walls. We finished every wall in the main area a few weeks back (the stairwell involved some elaborate ladderwork, but all achievable on our very versatile ladder), but we had to finish the trim before we could move the furniture back in from the deck. We bought a second ladder (the first is still on loan from Peta’s father) and a plank, so that we could easily paint large sections of ceiling trim in one go (and three different colours). We finally finished that three weeks ago, and moved our focus to the kitchen for the last couple of weekends. We took took a piece of old interior VJ board to our friends as The Paint Place, and they perfectly matched the blue of the one remaining original interior VJ wall. The blue isn’t the original colour – under it we can see orange and green and a darker bluey-teal – but it’s the last colour used before the boards were hidden under gyprock and we like it, so we used it for the column trim around the kitchen island. The ceiling trim was finished last weekend, and the column trim was completed this weekend.

The columns on either side of the kitchen island encase supporting posts for the roof. On the kitchen side, they’re what’s left of the original interior VJ walls. Fred built the other three sides from VJ panelling taken from demolished interior walls from different rooms. This left quite a “rustic” mix of colours and finishes, which we’ve decided to leave to tell the story of the house as changed over the last 100+ years.

Looking at 3M’s share price, we’re probably majorly responsible for their recovery since January, due to the miles of blue painters tape that we’re applying everywhere. It’s not a panacea (and apparently we really shouldn’t have used it on the windows with their low-E coating, oops) and sometimes it’s easier just to be careful painting, but neither of us are skillful enough with a brush to avoid mistakes (which is clear when we don’t use tape). The standard blue tape is great, the edge lock is awesome for very close straight lines, and the exterior tape is absolutely rubbish and fell off after a day (I took it back).

All finished! Along with one powder room. Both toilets now have a fetching burnt orange feature wall (or two, in the case of upstairs). They’re both pretty much done apart from some final touch ups (and all architraves downstairs), and we’re still hunting for the perfect 500mm mirror.

This weekend I finally started doing some outside work. It’s not that there’s nothing inside left to do, but outside really needs better protection and the weather won’t stay this cool for long. It’ll be a few weeks of work to paint the weatherboards from scratch upstairs, and then prep and finish the final coat downstairs. We also need to oil or paint various bits of the balustrades, and the support posts, and finally coat the deck. All stuff that we’d have liked to have happened months ago but who knew painting would take this long!

Today I emptied some packing boxes and finally re-found the original cornicing from the old ceiling. Unfortunately that all got removed and replaced with some boring pine trim, so we’re hoping that we can get some new cornicing made in the old pattern. It’ll be a bit more of a chore, but just like three ceiling trim colours, it’ll hopefully be worth it.

Still left to do: all downstairs doorways, doors, and window architraves; two feature walls in the spare rooms; the stairwell architrave; a little of the kitchen ceiling trim; a little of the kitchen skirting behind the fridge; staircase oiling; stairwell room needs another coat; spare rooms unpacking; all three external doors need finishing.


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