DIY cats

I’m not really sure how builders cope, going to work each day without a cat or two helping by generally getting underfoot or trying to escape outside at any opportunity. Thankfully, I’m not a builder, so I can do my home improvements in the company of Elska, Taala and Cookie.

Elska has always been our DIY cat, and she’s clearly sticking to task. We had a bit of a near miss with her a couple of weeks ago when she managed to eat some paint (she got some on her coat then cleaned herself, not really sure how, she must have brushed against some wet paint). Luckily we’re using quite eco-friendly paint and while it didn’t do her any good, it doesn’t seem to have done any long term harm (we were a bit worried we might have to take a trip to the emergency vet but she threw it up and was back to normal within an hour).

I thought I had some of Cookie (he’s not so keen on ladders but he’s definitely shed his contribution on the dropcloths) – rest assured he’s pretty happy too, as long as the dreaded vacuum cleaner doesn’t come out (I thought Taala and Elska hated vacuums, but they only disappear at the sound, Cookie disappears at the sight!).

And in a quick update to our previous post, our floor finally has a non-spotty satin finish:


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