The Shining

So our floor did look like this:


It now looks like this:

2016-03-19 11.08.10

The difference is a satin finish that was spotty, and a semi-gloss that’s not spotty but is extra glossy as it’s sitting on top of three coats of satin.

Dave the floorer recommended changing the finish as he doesn’t know what caused the spots and is wary of it happening again. Will and I thought a semi-gloss might be a reasonable compromise but to be honest when we came home and saw the floor with the new coat, we were both gutted. It’s too much. As Will commented, it looks like it’s wet. In places it looks fantastic, particularly on the new ironbark Fred used to repair the dark hardwood part, but overall these super-shiny floors don’t look like our home. I also feel quite disconnected from the wood below on these, like I’m walking on plastic, whereas the satin felt more in touch with its base. On top of all that, the internet tells me that glossy floors show up dust and scratches much more and wear worse, especially in high traffic areas, than a satin finish. Three cats and a desire to treat our house like a home, not a showroom, do not bode well for this glossy floor.

Fred spoke to Dave again, and thankfully Dave is happy to come out on Monday and try another coat of satin, of a different brand this time. He warns that he can’t guarantee that it won’t go spotty again, but Will and I are thinking spots visible close-up are preferable to super-shininess visible from space.

Meanwhile, our deck looks like this:

2016-03-19 11.12.41

Please don’t steal our fridge!

On the plus side, the furniture being out of the way makes it easier to paint!



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